hardwood floor

vintage hardwood floor

When I was searching for my last two apartments, I specifically wanted hardwood floors. I hate carpeting. It holds dust and dirt and stains, and never feels as clean to me as a smooth, hardwood floor.

What are your most desired qualities in a floor?

Have you ever had to live somewhere that was someone not quite what you wanted? How did you deal with that? Did it get stuck in your craw, or did you become oblivious to the flaws after a while?

“The floor _________”

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cast iron skillet

vintage Frigidaire stove with cast iron skillet and kettle

I asked for a cast iron skillet when I was in my early 20s. I’m not even sure why I wanted it, now – I just know I’d read about cast iron, and it seemed like a romantic and wholesome way to cook my food.

Have you ever tried cooking with a cast iron skillet? Was it well seasoned, or did the food stick?

Do you know what’s so special about cast iron as opposed to other materials, for cooking? What qualities are most important to you in cookware? Ease of cleaning? How quickly the material heats up? How long it keeps its warmth..?

“The pan _________”

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soap dish

soap dish

One of the things I loved about my kitchen when I first viewed my current apartment is the vintage sink, complete with the original fixtures. There’s this funky soap dish that’s attached to the taps, and I love how it holds my chunky, handmade, all natural, vegetable oil soaps.

How do you wash your hands in the kitchen? With bar soap? Liquid soap? Dish detergent?

Do you have a favorite soap? A favorite scent or rich texture that says “kitchen” to you?

“The suds _________”

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slow cooker

slow cooker

The weather has been cooler, the last little bit. I haven’t started using my slow cooker yet, but it’s only a matter of time. I love slow cookers – I love the wonderful flavours that develop when the food is cooked gently for hours…

Do you have a slow cooker? What kinds of things do you cook in it?

What else do you wish you could do slowly, over a longer period of time?

“The heat _________”

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the power button

Dell Inspiratron laptop power button

I met a friend’s grandson last weekend, and he was a very curious young fellow. He wanted to know how things worked, and he asked me how to turn off a floor fan operating nearby. I pointed to the power button and said, “See? This is what the power button looks like – a circle with a line in it.” I think he’s good to go.

How many of your household objects have a power button with the universal power sign on them?

Have you ever had the experience of trying to turn something off, and it didn’t shut down or stop?

What do you wish you could add a power button to?

“The button _________”

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Vaseline petroleum jelly

I tend to avoid petroleum products, but I recently bought this petroleum jelly because I read that it was a good laxative for cats. You rub a bit on their fur, they lick it off, and it goes right through them.

Vaseline is one of those trade names that has become synonymous with its product – just like Kleenex and Jacuzzi. If your name was a company name and it became known for a signature product, what do you wish that product could be?

How many different ways could you use petroleum jelly?

When I was a kid we used to have a rude rhyme that included the word Vaseline. Do you know it?

“The jelly _________”

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queen anne’s lace

Queen Anne's lace

Many people love Queen Anne’s lace because it’s a plentiful weed that looks lacey and lovely in a fresh cut bouquet of wildflowers. It smells quite strong, though.

Do you have Queen Anne’s lace growing near you?

Do you like cut flowers? Do you prefer potted plants?

If you were going to give this flower a different name, what might it be?

“The white _________”

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raggedy ann

Raggedy Ann

I got this Raggedy Ann doll from a family friend when I was a child. My brother got Raggedy Andy. I have both of them, now.

Did you have any soft dolls as a child? What were their names?

Have you ever made a doll, or made doll clothes?

If you were going to design a soft doll, what kind of features would you like it to have?

“The doll _________”

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I photographed these mushrooms when I was walking in one of my favorite woods recently. They were growing at the base of an old poplar tree – dozens upon dozens of mushrooms, all around the roots.

What’s your least favorite memory of eating mushrooms?

Have you ever seen mushrooms growing in the wild? Have you ever been tempted to pick and eat them?

Mushrooms often seem magical because they appear to grow from nothing. What else do you wish grew like mushrooms?

“The caps _________”

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the good china

rose china pattern

My mom is making an inventory of some of my parents’ things, and I helped her this past weekend by taking some photos of this china set.

Do you have a good set of dishes?

When did your family use “the good china” when you were growing up?

Have you ever thought about getting rid of your current dishes, or doing something outlandish like having only bowls (not plates) to serve food in?

“The pattern _________”

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