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The idea for this website came to me the way most of my ideas do: Quickly, in the space of about an hour, while I was in the middle of doing something else with my hands, my mind free to wander.

I wasn’t looking for this particular project. In fact, I was working on an idea for another couple of websites at the time, so when Mirificationis leapt out of the ether, I immediately dismissed it. No way, José. I didn’t have time.

But the idea wouldn’t go away… and the longer it simmered on my mental back burner, the more its benefits began to appeal to me…

“You have way too many ideas,” Mirificationis observed.

“Yes, I do. And your point is?”

“I could help you with that.”

“Oh really. How?”

“Well, what if you gave me most of your ideas? Say, all the ones you don’t have time to work on yourself.”

“And what would you do with them?”

“Give them to somebody else.”

That shut me up fast, because it seemed to good to be true. You’ve got to know – all these ideas I get (and they number into the thousands per year) weigh really heavily on me. I’m totally serious. They’re like future obligations that sneak into my psychological iPhone in the middle of the night, filling up its calendar with extensive to-do lists for the next 50 lifetimes, leaving me no room to investigate anything newer or more interesting that might come along.

“Okay, you can have all my extra ideas.” (I hoped I didn’t sound too eager.)



One of my intentions when building this site was to create a place that felt like an online sanctuary to me. So I built the creative inspiration site that I wished I could find online. No ads, no banners, nothing but ideas.

I sincerely hope you enjoy being here.

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