some thoughts about how to use this site

Welcome, shining creature. Whichever way you came, I hope you find plentiful seeds, water, wonder, and true nourishment here to help bring your creative works to life.

There are many ways you can use the prompts found on this site.

You can take the individual elements of each post – title, image, narrative, verbal prompts, open-ended question – and use one as a jumping-off point for the creative activities below. Or you can use them all. Or just a select few. Feel free to modify them if they don’t seem like a match for what you’re seeking. Change everything… or head over to this list of 100 things to do with a creative prompt for more ideas.

If you’re looking for a warm-up
One of the most popular uses of creative prompts is as warm-ups. If you’re a writer, visual artist, dancer, actor, or musician, take a prompt and play with it for five or ten minutes. Don’t belabour it. Just use the prompt to get your creative juices flowing, and then move on to your primary work at the end of the allotted time.

If you’re looking for an idea
If you want to start a new project but aren’t quite sure what it might be yet, browse through the prompts and find something that you resonate with, then run with it. Or conversely, pick a prompt at random, and feel your way through to its meaning.

If you’re looking for the next step
If you’re somewhere in the middle of a project and you’re looking for that next piece that just isn’t coming, pick a prompt and fold it into your existing work. Or use the list of 100 things to do with a creative prompt to explore some possibilities.

If you’re brainstorming for a solution
If you’re an entrepreneur, designer, inventor, visionary or business person looking for the solution to a particular problem, take one of the prompts and the list of 100 things to do with a creative prompt and go nuts filling up your whiteboard with possibilites.

If you’re looking for a meditation or a journaling prompt
If your practice is a reflexive one, use one of the prompts as a tool for introspection and consciousness.

If you have trouble with procrastination, or getting started…
Have a look at these proven techniques for getting started with the work.

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