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street art

I love street art. Some day I want to spray paint a mural like this. If you were going to create a mural, what would its subject be? Would your mural be illicit, or created openly, with the approval of the community? How would you prepare to create it? “My message __________” ~ Next steps… […]

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I love mushrooms. They add so much flavour to simple stews or soups. I also love that they keep best in paper bags. I have a bag of mushrooms living in my fridge every week. What are your favorite things to put in paper bags? What’s your favorite food to “brown bag” (take to school […]

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handheld showerhead

My bathroom came with a standard showerhead. I wanted a handheld one, so I could rinse out the tub after my baths. Are you a shower or a bath person? How would you feel if you could never bathe your favorite way again? “The water __________” ~ Next steps… Invitation to share your work… What […]

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I loved my apartment the moment I saw it, but one of the clinchers was the kitchen sink. It’s original to the building – white porcelain, with a brass drain. Where do you imagine the water goes, when it goes down the drain? What if it went somewhere else? “The plug __________” ~ Next steps… […]

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lots of oranges

You may have noticed that I have a thing about citrus fruit. I eat a lot of it. I buy juicing oranges and grapefruit and clementines (in season) in huge quantities, and can eat several per day. I love the way they look, all piled up in the large stock pot I keep them in. […]

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rubber bands

I save rubber bands from my vegetables, like broccoli and asparagus. My favorite kinds of rubber bands are the ones I use at work – they’re thin, and long. My problem with rubber bands is, my cats love to eat them. So I can’t keep them out in the open, or even wrapped around things. […]

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I have a fascination with patchwork patterns. I am constantly creating patchwork designs of my own, and whenever I see a patchwork pattern that intrigues me, I photograph it to keep on file for inspiration. When you see a patchwork quilt, what’s the first thought that comes to your mind? If you had a heritage […]

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toga foot

I took this photo for one of my Cowbird stories yesterday morning. When I was downloading it and saving it to my Cowbird folder, I almost wrote “toga foot” instead of “yoga foot.” That made me laugh. What the heck is a toga foot? Then I remembered something from my art history classes. There’s a […]

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shaving mirror

I took this photograph of my Frak shaving mirror yesterday. I liked the way the mirror looked in my bathroom at dusk. But now I’m thinking about things that extend from the walls when we need them. What common (or uncommon) objects or tools would you like to have attached to your walls on extensible […]

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Yesterday I drew these hands. Today when I look at the picture I see all sorts of possibilities: entreating hands, receiving hands, giving hands… Like the half full / half empty glass, which kinds of hands are yours? Giving? Or receiving? What do the colours orange and red suggest to you? “Great Spirit __________” ~ […]

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