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I wake up early in the morning, so most of the year I’m awake for the dawn. I love watching all the different shades of colour creep across the sky. What does dawn mean to you? Can you remember the best dawn of your life? “I watched _________”

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food processor

I love the name “food processor.” As if this machine were the only thing that processes food. What about a knife? Or a whisk? Or our bodies, come to think of it? Do you own a food processor? What do you use it for? “I flipped _________”

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escape reading

When I need a diversion, I indulge in escape reading in the form of interior design and health magazines. Do you have a favorite genre of escape reading? When do you make time to escape? “I read _________”

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In a rash decision, I put too much cinnamon essential oil in my bath. It gave me a horrible skin rash. Have you ever had a bad skin rash? What happened while you waited for it to heal? Do you ever make rash decisions without thinking about the consequences? What happens? “I quickly _________”

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my kitchen sink

My kitchen sink (above) is the dumping ground for everything – food scraps, packaging, utensils, food wrap – when I’m preparing a meal. The endless variety of stuff that makes it into my kitchen sink fascinates me. What does your kitchen look like when you’re preparing food? Why do you do it (prepare food) the […]

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crabapple trees

The street that my parents live on is lined with crabapple trees. In the spring, when they’re in blossom, it’s like driving down a sea of pink and white. I have many happy memories of crabapple trees. Do you have a favorite tree? What are some of the memories you have of trees? “The blossoms […]

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purple maple leaves

The purple maple in front of my home is in full leaf now. But I love looking back at this photo (above) and remembering the shiny, tender leaves unfurling. Have you ever looked closely at new leaves? What do you see? How many colours of maple leaves can you think of? If you were a […]

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lily of the valley

Lilies of the valley have been out for a week or two in my area of the world – in fact, the earliest flowers are just starting to die. I was at a friend’s the other day and inhaled great lungfuls of their heady perfume. Glorious. Do you like lilies of the valley? Do lilies […]

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I love drawing hearts. They’re sappy and saccharine, but they’re also earnestly good feeling. And how can you fault that? What do hearts make you think of? What colour or medium would make a heart appropriate for you? “The shape _________” What inspired this prompt?

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I love clocks, especially analog ones. I love watching the sweeping hands – seeing the movement that symbolizes the passage of time. Do you own a clock? (One that’s not part of another device, like a phone, or a stove, or a TV?) What do you love most about clocks? Hate? “The hands _________” What […]

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