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burned food

This happens fairly often in my house. At least once a week. I’m a really good cook… but I like to multi-task. And often that means I forget to check the pot that’s simmering on the stove. Until it’s too late. Do you burn your food often? What’s your most vivid memory of burned food? […]

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red door

This is a photo of a cute little cottage in downtown London. I liked it because of the red door, and the pink blossoms on the tree in front of the house. What colour is your front door? What colour would you like it to be? “The house _________”

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A threshold is the boundary between two different spaces – the literal or figurative line in the sand that marks the end of one, and the beginning of another. Have you ever carried someone over a threshold? Do you embrace thresholds? Or fear and avoid them? “The door _________” What inspired this prompt?

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green bowl

A couple of years ago I made the decision to minimize my dishes by getting rid of all my plates. I only have bowls now, and all the meals I make are designed to be eaten out of a bowl. Do you like bowls? If you had a choice, would you prefer to use glass, […]

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maple blossoms

I’ve already published this photo of maple blossoms, taken in front of my home, here and here. I love this photo. Looking out my window right now, the tree is full of burgundy leaves. Have you ever looked closely at tree blossoms? Are they a nuisance in your life (something to be cleaned up from […]

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sidewalk chalk

I love sidewalk chalk. What could be more fun – turning blank sidewalks into brilliant, colourful canvasses? Have you ever played with sidewalk chalk? How long did your drawings last, before they were dissolved by the elements? “The colours _________”

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Many people where I live grow hostas in their gardens, because they’re attractive, easy to look after, and grow well in shade. What are some of your favorite plants – either to grow in your own garden, or to see in others’ gardens? Are there some plants you’re sick of seeing, because everyone has them? […]

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storm sewers

Storm sewers help divert extra water during and after a big storm, so that a municipality’s regular sewer system doesn’t get overwhelmed. I think it might be nice to have storm sewers for the human body – to handle all the excess gunk that builds up because of stress or a crisis. Do you have […]

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I loved watching snails when I was a child. The fluid way that they moved, the way they could fold in and out of their shells, the silver tracks they left on the sidewalks… Do you dislike snails because they eat your garden plants? What would it be like to carry your home around with […]

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Whether or not I like puddles depends on which footwear I’ve got on my feet. Do you remember playing in puddles as a child? What would the perfect puddle be like? “I splashed _________” ~ Beginning this month, I’m switching to weekday publishing only. See you Monday! Next steps… Invitation to share your work…

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