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fish out of water

This is a painting of a fish, from the same mural as this post. What I love is that today’s fish is not painted against a background of blue. He’s a fish out of water… When do you feel out of your element? What would it take to make you feel comfortable, when you are? […]

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From the same large mural as the last two prompts, this heron makes me happy. Herons are so majestic in flight, and they command respect in repose (when they are standing perfectly, immaculately still, often on one leg). Have you ever seen a heron up close? If you had wings, how broad would your wingspan […]

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Not the store. The symbol. I’m not sure why there’s a target in this mural of a Canada goose head, but it looks neat. Maybe the artist doesn’t like Canada geese. Do you have favorite symbols, like hearts or zodiac signs? If you doodle, what do you often draw? “I aimed _________” ___ This painting […]

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I adore crows. I’ve drawn pictures of them, and written about them. Crows make me happy. Do certain birds evoke certain feelings in you? Like vultures, or eagles, or seagulls? If you generally think of a particular kind of bird or animal in a negative way, can you also see its positive aspects? “The sky […]

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measuring cups

I learned to bake when I was a child, from my mother. I would watch her measure out the ingredients – for a pie crust, say, and carefully blend and mix them. I don’t bake myself anymore, but I love the precision of measuring cups. Do you like to bake? What else do you measure […]

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Canada goose

Canada geese are practically pests where I live. Once migratory, most of them stay in the area year-round now, feeding on corn in the fields, and swimming in the ponds and rivers that rarely freeze over in the winter anymore. Which animals are thriving where you live? Do you see this kind of thriving as […]

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strawberry blossoms

I came across these strawberry plants growing wild in the woods near me earlier this spring. It makes me smile to think of strawberries in the woods… (even though these ones are probably invasive) Have you ever eaten wild strawberries?/b> Would you know what to look for if you went foraging for food? “The plants […]

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What is it about pink? I never wear pink, but seeing it always makes me happy… Do you have a favorite colour? Do you have different favorite colours for different things? For example, I love blue clothes, but white walls. “My favorite _________”

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I love growing things. I love the woods. I love wildness. I’ve written elsewhere about my love of spring. Last Thursday I read that fractals have a lot to do with why nature is so healing for us. Cool. Do you spend a lot of time in nature? Does it make you feel better? Or […]

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dents de lion

I love dandelions. I’ve talked about them before on this site. They’re so cheerful and yellow when they first come up, the leaves are really nutritious, and they’re an interactive, playful toy when they’re in their seed stage. I love blowing their seeds all over a meadow. Did you blow dandelion seeds as a child? […]

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