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the power button

I met a friend’s grandson last weekend, and he was a very curious young fellow. He wanted to know how things worked, and he asked me how to turn off a floor fan operating nearby. I pointed to the power button and said, “See? This is what the power button looks like – a circle […]

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I tend to avoid petroleum products, but I recently bought this petroleum jelly because I read that it was a good laxative for cats. You rub a bit on their fur, they lick it off, and it goes right through them. Vaseline is one of those trade names that has become synonymous with its product […]

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queen anne’s lace

Many people love Queen Anne’s lace because it’s a plentiful weed that looks lacey and lovely in a fresh cut bouquet of wildflowers. It smells quite strong, though. Do you have Queen Anne’s lace growing near you? Do you like cut flowers? Do you prefer potted plants? If you were going to give this flower […]

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raggedy ann

I got this Raggedy Ann doll from a family friend when I was a child. My brother got Raggedy Andy. I have both of them, now. Did you have any soft dolls as a child? What were their names? Have you ever made a doll, or made doll clothes? If you were going to design […]

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I photographed these mushrooms when I was walking in one of my favorite woods recently. They were growing at the base of an old poplar tree – dozens upon dozens of mushrooms, all around the roots. What’s your least favorite memory of eating mushrooms? Have you ever seen mushrooms growing in the wild? Have you […]

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the good china

My mom is making an inventory of some of my parents’ things, and I helped her this past weekend by taking some photos of this china set. Do you have a good set of dishes? When did your family use “the good china” when you were growing up? Have you ever thought about getting rid […]

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Lilacs are one of my favorite fragrant flowers. And they’re so pretty – so delicate, so perfect, and yet so lush and abundant at the same time. What’s your earliest memory of smelling a flower? What’s your favorite floral scent? Have you ever wished you were a perfume maker? What kinds of scents would make […]

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great lakes

I live in between three of the Great Lakes. Within an hour or so’s drive in any three directions, I can be on a beach. Are you one of those people who loves the shore? Have you ever been to any of the Great Lakes? What’s your favorite memory of being at the beach? “The […]

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After several months of begin vegan, I added eggs back into my diet recently. I love them hard-boiled or cooked into puffy omelets. My next trick is to try souffles. What’s your favorite way to eat eggs? How would you never want your eggs prepared? What do eggs make you think of? Breakfast? Easter? Birds? […]

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lime flavour

I adore limes now – even more than lemons – but when I was a kid I hated anything lime. Green was the last flavour I’d want to pick out of a fruit-flavoured candy rainbow. Suckers? Hard candies? Kool-Aid? Never wanted green. (Until I discovered that an older cousin of mine – whom I really […]

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