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toilet paper

I keep my toilet paper in a basket on top of my toilet tank, because when my cats were little they kept unwinding rolls of the stuff all over the floor, in fun. Do you have a toilet paper story? How would you make toilet paper better, if you could? What else could you imagine […]

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bathroom taps

When I was a little girl I once turned on the taps so strongly that I couldn’t remember which way to turn them to make the water stop. I turned and turned the taps each way, but the water kept pouring out of the faucet, quickly filling the sink. I started screaming for my mother, […]

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It’s peach season right now in Ontario. Peaches are probably my favorite fruit – made even more special because I don’t eat them except when they’re in season. A perfect peach is a feast for the senses: its fragrance is delicate and delicious, its skin is soft and velvety, its texture is silky and tender, […]

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lemon reamer

I use this lemon reamer nearly every day to juice a lime or two for my salad dressings. In the winter I used it to juice oranges for my daily smoothies. I love the way it feels in my hand – love the way it extends the utility of my hands, love the eye-squinching juice […]

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citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are favorites in Western culture because of their tangy (and often sweet) tastes, and their powerful essential oils that most people find very pleasant. Do you like citrus fruit? What’s your earliest memory of eating an orange or a grapefruit? How many products do you use that smell like citrus? “The peel _________”

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I love colanders. They’re so useful in the kitchen for rinsing produce and then letting it drain. Or for draining cooked pasta. Which kitchen tool do you use the most? If you could create your own design, how would you make it look or feel? “The holes _________”

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thinning the garden

Since planting my parents’ vegetable garden, I’ve been weeding and thinning it, as well as harvesting the vegetables as they become ready. This is a handful of beet seedlings that I pulled up to thin out the beet rows. I steamed them and ate them for my supper the next night. Have you ever thinned […]

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I recycled a bunch of electronics earlier this summer when a local business supply store was holding a recycling drive. It felt good to get rid of some old phones and cords. Do you love electronics? Hate them? Can’t live without them? How many of your old electronics have you recycled? How else would you […]

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I am a crayon nut. I use children’s wax crayons in most of my collage work, and getting a new pack is like Christmas for me. All the possibilities… Did you like coloring with crayons as a kid? Have you ever tried coloring with crayons as an adult? “The box _________” ___ What inspired this […]

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crêpe paper

I photographed these rolls of crepe paper on display in a dollar store because I loved the colours. When I was a kid, we used to make crepe-paper garlands for parties by gently twisting them and stringing them from one corner of the room to another. If we had more than one colour of crepe […]

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