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sidewalk chalk

I love sidewalk chalk. What could be more fun – turning blank sidewalks into brilliant, colourful canvasses? Have you ever played with sidewalk chalk? How long did your drawings last, before they were dissolved by the elements? “The colours _________”

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tree flowers

One of my favorite signs of spring is the greening of the trees. But if you look closely, the first green is usually not leaves – it’s flowers. Do you have a favorite tree flower? (Some of them, like magnolia blossoms, look beautiful. Others, like linden flowers, smell really nice.) What would a world be […]

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concrete stamp

I love how contractors stamp the sidewalks that they create. It helps me imagine the year when the sidewalk was made, and all the people who have walked over the same spot. Have you ever noticed concrete stamps before? What’s the oldest sidewalk you’ve ever walked on? “I stepped _________” ~ Next steps… Invitation to […]

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tactile paving

I didn’t even know what this stuff was called, when I took the photograph. It’s tactile paving, for accessible pedestrian crossings. If you’re challenged with a disability, what would make your life easier? If you’ve never had a disability, do accessibility changes make a positive difference in your life? “I walked __________” ~ Next steps… […]

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This summer they did major roadway construction downtown – ripping up entire streets, replacing infrastructure, and then paving everything over again. One section of the boulevard on Colborne Street was paved with bricks, and they painted locators on them to find the plumbing, gas and electrical lines. Later, when the workers put everything back together […]

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