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pink sky in the morning

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. Do you pay attention to the natural signs of weather changing? If you made up a verse to remember something, how would it go? “Yesterday when I noticed __________” ~ Next steps… Invitation to share your work… What inspired this prompt?

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waiting out the storm

One day it rained while we ate lunch at an outdoor café. An umbrella over our table kept us dry. I sketched my loved ones while we listened to live reggae music. Where do you like to wait out a storm? Who do want with you while you’re waiting? “Do you think you will ever […]

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It rained almost every day of our vacation. I didn’t mind, but the sun worshippers were frustrated. I photographed the rainbows while they read or surfed online. Do you get excited when you see a rainbow? Do you know where to look for them in the sky when it rains? Does the rainbow make the […]

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