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I photographed these mushrooms when I was walking in one of my favorite woods recently. They were growing at the base of an old poplar tree – dozens upon dozens of mushrooms, all around the roots. What’s your least favorite memory of eating mushrooms? Have you ever seen mushrooms growing in the wild? Have you […]

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tree branches

I wander around taking pictures of tree branches. I think they’re beautiful… plus I also love the colours of the leaves or branches against the sky. When’s the last time you walked around with your head looking up to the heavens? What do you miss seeing, when you’re always looking somewhere else? “The sky _________”

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crabapple trees

The street that my parents live on is lined with crabapple trees. In the spring, when they’re in blossom, it’s like driving down a sea of pink and white. I have many happy memories of crabapple trees. Do you have a favorite tree? What are some of the memories you have of trees? “The blossoms […]

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maple blossoms

I’ve already published this photo of maple blossoms, taken in front of my home, here and here. I love this photo. Looking out my window right now, the tree is full of burgundy leaves. Have you ever looked closely at tree blossoms? Are they a nuisance in your life (something to be cleaned up from […]

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