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about – extra special fanciful version

“Would you like to see a great treasure?” The old woman spoke with a voice like broken glass. A hand, wizened and creased, silently motioned the hesitant child closer. She smelled like dust and wet leaves, with a hint of rotting fruit. The child was terrified… but curious about the treasure. Was it gold? Jewels? […]

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my creative life

Someone asked me recently if I’ve always been creative. My answer was, “I guess so.” I can’t remember a time when I didn’t create. I was the kid who loved to draw, loved to sing, loved to dance, loved to make clothes for my Barbies. I was always twirling on my toes, always reading, always […]

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I never thought too much about copyright until I read Leo Babauta's blog, Zen Habits. All of Zen Habits’ content is free of copyright. You can use it, copy it, reprint it, share it, manipulate it, change it, illustrate it, make it better, make it unrecognizable, translate it, destroy it – without permission – any […]

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What the heck is mirificationis, anyway? Hint #1: It’s a real word, pronounced “mee-ree-fee-cah-tee-OH’-neese.” You can Google it. Hint #2: Okay, it’s Latin. Hint #3: Latin has gendered nouns. I wanted this website to encompass both genders.

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about – long version

The idea for this website came to me the way most of my ideas do: Quickly, in the space of about an hour, while I was in the middle of doing something else with my hands, my mind free to wander. I wasn’t looking for this particular project. In fact, I was working on an […]

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about – short version

This is a website of daily creative prompts for creators of all kinds. Go!

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